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Be careful when pronouncing Finnish




Make sure you know how to say things right in Finnish to avoid an awkward situation. Here’s an example what a few wrong letters might do:

Rakkaus = Love

Rokkaus = Rocking

Raskaus = Pregnancy

Roskaus = Trashing

Raiskaus = Rape

Rikkaus = Wealth

Roiskaus = A large splash/spill

don’t forget

tapaan sinut - i (will) meet you

tapan sinut - i (will) kill you


kuusi - six

kusi - piss

Oh fug

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Bus seats in Finland - for the unsocial people, like me.

Rule number one in Finnish public transport culture: Don’t sit next to anyone. Unless the seats are like this.

In every other cases fill the spots from window seats. Then standing up seats. If the bus gets crowded sit next to someone but sit as far as possible from the other person and turn your head to look to the completely different direction. Don’t say a word. 

And if you’re the one sitting next to window pray all the gods that the other person leaves before you, because otherwise you’d have to speak to him/her. Usually it’s something like “Umm..ileavenow”. Remember, no sorries or smiles. Just say it as low and fast as possible without making any eye contact. 

legit advise for people visiting finland. that “ileavenow” is “mä jään täs” in finnish. it’s okay if you don’t pronounce it perfectly right because the only reason someone would talk to strangers in public transport is to ask them to move, so they will get the hint. 

BUT! usually just things like putting your phone away and rustling your bag and looking like you are about to leave will do the trick. no need for words.

….and this is how you wait for a bus in finland:


Reblogging because of that picture. So true. And familiar.

This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen…what the actual fuck. It almost seems like a joke but I feel like it’s actually serious????

Best thing happened today.
We had English lecture and our teacher always gives us (in our opinion) too much exercises.
Then today we were learning (again) some contract vocabulary and she gave us some printouts.
And then - out of nowhere - she said: 
"It’s nice to be a bitch."
Oh god. X’DD that just made my day. 

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Tom Hiddleston vs Benedict Cumberbatch  Getting out of car + Waving at fan.



Castiel’s Damn it

     ↳I wonder where he learned it from



say goodbye to my ovaries 


*hard fangirling*




Mind Palace John is fucking gorgeous.

Are you surprised

That’s how Sherlock sees him

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Anteeksi vulgaarius, mutta tämä oli pakko tehdä.

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"Two more days", I said.
"Has to carry on", I said.
And then today I went to school at 8 am and left at 8 pm.

Even with my terrible math I can count that I was there for 12 hrs.
12 bloody hours!!!!


these two need to do the headtouchy thing where oNE OF THEM ISN’T DEAD

dominadeflamma sent:

5, 10, 29, 90

5. Did you hang out with the person you like recently?
Well, I don’t really like like anyone so no :D

10. What is the last beverage you had?
Home made juice: including at least redcurrant and blackcurrant.

29. Do you really, truly miss someone right now?
Not really. 

90. Opinions on marriage?
Well, umm.. I hope I’m going to have one during my lifetime. And preferably only one marriage. But I don’t criticise people who only live together and never actually get married. Also supporting same-sex marriage. And not planning to get married until 30. Although, perhaps should find someone who actually wants to marry me before thinking this sort of things so thoroughly :’DD

Thanks for all the questions! x) ♥