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i love how tumblr is like personally offended by 50 shades of grey

#we all read better fanfiction

#we all WRITE better fanfiction

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Apple Pie Baked inside of Apples Tutorial

Isn’t this like hollowing out a corpse, then putting someone else’s organs inside and cooking them?

i was expecting the other fandom

no not that one the other one


[aggressively reblogs]

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"My relationship with Maggie Smith; well, she got me the job at Potter, practically. So for anyone who doesn’t know that story, I basically owe everything to Maggie Smith, because I worked with her on David Copperfield and then she came on to Potter as McGonagall and said to the director: "You need to audition this boy." So I kind of owe her everything, so to Maggie I just say my fairy grandmother." - Daniel Radcliffe

"I spent like 10 years of my life pretending to fly around on a broomstick and you’re asking me if preparing for a love scene was ‘tricky’ because the other person also had a penis?"

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Harry Potter, 1, 3 and 10?

Ooh, nice, thanks!! :DD

1. Who is your OTP?

My very first ship in HP was Wolfstar aka Sirius/Remus so I go with that without hesitation x) never the less, I also love Drarry (Draco/Harry, like everyone wouldn’t know) x)) it’s a shame that I’ve come pretty lazy reading HP fics and fangirling it in general since I spend at least 2 years reading those fics in 2009 and 2010 :D 

3. Favourite OTP scene?

For Wolfstar in the film it’s pretty obvious, the reunion when they’re hugging x’) and in the book… well, I might be a terrible person but I say the moment right after Sirius has died and Remus is trying to calm Harry down. 

For Drarry then again.. Oh god, there are so many great moments in the books! But probably the most powerful is in HBP when Harry becomes obsessed by Draco :DD hih. oh, oh! And one can’t forget the moment in DH when Harry turns around and decides to save Draco. x’) aww. aaand films? Well, the moment in the first class of Care of magical creatures, when Draco’s coming closer to Harry slowly ;) hih. and also in the last film when Goyle says to Draco “Do him..” X”’DD oh gosh, I actually just watched it this summer and my Drarry fangirling came back :’D 

10. Best Minor Character?

I really love Neville :D he’s awesome even though I can’t really even explain it :D I guess that’s just how much he changes between the books :) that’s what I call character development. From almost-a- squid and the boy who earned only 10 points when everyone else got 50 points from Dumbledore to the man who became such a bamf and killed Nagini. That’s so great! 


Lego Thrandy being his sassy self giving more about his hair than about Thorin’s shit.


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  1. Who is your OTP?
  2. Who is your NOTP?
  3. Favourite OTP scene?
  4. Who is your OT3?
  5. 3 favourite characters?
  6. Least favourite character?
  7. Scene you’d like to see?
  8. Favourite flashback?
  9. Favourite season and why?
  10. Best minor character?

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You have been known to do other works involving your entire body and the acting. You enjoy the animation?

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"Don't quit."


uh, what do you mean this isn’t what happend?

50% Off! | Nagisa + Rei

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